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Dec 2014 Application  (document)
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DMF Lend A Hand provides match funding, online giving capabilities, and other resources to support volunteers who submit an application demonstrating that their fundraising effort meets program guidelines to include:
  • Recipient lives in Cass County, ND or Clay County, MN.
  • Recipient has substantial out-of-pocket expenses (greater than $5,000) due to a current life-threatening and/or incapacitating illness or injury.
  • There is a benefit fund established at a bank/credit union for donation management with at least 2 title signers, one representing the volunteer committee and one representing the recipient/family.
  • A volunteer committee has been established with a designated lead volunteer willing to oversee meetings and serve as a communication link between Lend A Hand staff, recipient/family, and volunteers. (The lead volunteer should not be a member of the recipient's immediate household.)
  • Future fundraising activities are planned and the application is submitted at least 30 days in advance of scheduled activities and before promotional efforts are underway. (Past efforts, events already promoted to the public and/or scheduled within 30 days of application submission are not eligible for matching funds.)
  • The fundraising effort is validated by a nonprofit organization located in Cass or Clay County that is willing to offer some type of support toward the effort. Support may be in the form of space, volunteers, donated items, monetary, planning or marketing help. Eligible nonprofit organizations include churches, public schools, charities, medical or fraternal organizations, and community/service clubs. Examples of eligible signers include nonprofit directors, school principals, and clergy members. A signature of validation does not require the nonprofit to oversee fundraising activities and/or fund management.
Application Review

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis by an executive committee representing expertise in the areas of medicine, insurance, finance, legal, social services and nonprofit management. Lend A Hand support is approved based on availability of funds, with priority given to efforts that help people with substantial out-of-pocket expenses due to a catastrophic medical condition.

If application is approved for DMF Lend A Hand support:
  • Volunteers will work in partnership with DMF Lend A Hand to promote matching funds and online giving options in tandem with all fundraising activities. (DMF Lend A Hand will supply program logos and required content for flyers and other marketing items when sending approval notification. Help will be provided to develop/adapt flyers with this information as requested and time permitting.)
  • Following fundraising activities, the lead volunteer will provide DMF Lend A Hand with documentation of fundraising proceeds in the form of a benefit fund statement.
Applications are due the 1st Wednesday of every month for a fundraising event scheduled in a future month. (For example, the application should be forwarded the 1st Wednesday in September for an event scheduled in October or the early part of November.) Ideally, applications should be forwarded at least 30 days prior to a scheduled event and before marketing efforts are underway.