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2014 Thanks for Giving Event

2013 Giving Hearts Day

2012 Lend A Hand Benefit Memories, featuring Laura McShane and the Rowan Mayer-Hammer family.

October 2012 Feel Good Friday WebTV - Chris Berg interviewed Jeana Peinovich, Lend A Hand program director, as Lend A Hand celebrates 5 years!

Lori and Jeana

July 2012 Feel Good Friday WebTV - Chris Berg interviewed Jeana Peinovich, Lend A Hand program director, and Lori Michels of Team Chip.
To view video clip, see
Team Chip.

Learn more about the successful fundraising effort for Baby Rowan Mayer-Hammer.

2011 Lend A Hand Families, Part 1
Includes feature stories on Jack Keller and Jackson Schmaltz

2011 Lend A Hand families, Part 2
Includes feature story on Ryan Anderson

Individuals/Families Helped, 2009-2010 events, Part 1
Includes Fox News coverage from Bobbi Huseby's event (2010)

Individuals/Families Helped, 2009-2010 events, Part 2
Includes footage from Ryan Mayer's event and a story featuring three year old Parker Anderson (2010)

Evan Krogen Benefit, 2009
Melanie Loeb, lead volunteer for Evan Krogen's benefit, shares her positive experience about the Lend A Hand Program after their successful fundraising effort

Garrett Grommesh Benefit, 2009
Video highlighting the benefit for Garrett Grommesh - story by WDAY


Lend A Hand Commercial for 4th Annual Giving Hearts Day  (video)
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Make time to read the journey of the Ruel and Jodell Johnson family in the summer edition of On the Minds of Moms. This story, featuring one of our favorite Lend A Hand families, is sure to touch your heart! Follow Ruel and Jodell at www.caringbridge.org/visit/jodelljohnson.


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