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DMF Lend A Hand encourages and supports volunteers that step forward to help a neighbor in need! Lend A Hand resources include a fundraising toolkit guide, online giving capabilities, and matching funds.

Fundraising Toolkit (view toolkit)

DMF Lend A Hand provides an online fundraising toolkit guide to make it easier for volunteers to plan and coordinate a successful fundraising effort.

The toolkit is a "how to" resource guide with multiple planning worksheets and marketing documents, all customizable and printable.

Matching Funds & Online Donation Capabilities - Learn More/Apply

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Additional resources to include matching funds and online giving capabilities are provided to volunteers who submit an application demonstrating that their effort meets Lend A Hand guidelines to include:
  • The recipient has substantial out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • The recipient is a current resident of Cass County, ND or Clay County, MN (1 year residency minimum)
  • There is a volunteer committee with a designated lead volunteer willing to oversee meetings, fundraising activities, and communication (the lead volunteer should not be a member of the recipient's immediate household)
  • A benefit fund is in place at a bank/credit union for donation collection and management with at least two title signers; one representing the recipient, and one representing the volunteer committee
  • A future fundraising effort is planned (past efforts are not eligible)
  • The fundraising effort has the support of a nonprofit organization located within Cass County, ND or Clay County, MN (for example; a church, public school, medical, fraternal or community service organization)
  • The recipient and volunteer committee are willing to work in partnership with DMF Lend A Hand to promote fundraising activities, online giving options, and DMF Lend A Hand matching funds
Applications are due the 1st Wednesday of every month for a fundraising event scheduled in a future month. (For example, the application should be forwarded the 1st Wednesday in September for an event scheduled in October or the early part of November.) Ideally, applications should be forwarded at least 30 days prior to a scheduled event and before marketing efforts are underway.

We welcome feedback on the content and helpfulness of our fundraising toolkit. What resources are most helpful? Is the site user-friendly? What's missing? Please email your comments to the Lend A Hand Director at jeanapeinovich@dakmed.org. Be sure to include your first name and your location (city, state).