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Step 10


A. Acknowledge contributions and other forms of support

Community Thank You Template  (document)
File Size: 22.5 kb

Communicate appreciation to individuals, businesses, organizations, and all who contributed to the success of your fundraising effort.

This may be accomplished by sending direct acknowledgement to an individual and/or business using the Donation Acknowledgement Letter Template in Step 4. This letter may be sent by mail or e-mail.

Acknowledgement and thanks may also be directed to the larger community audience using a more public format:
  • Letter to the Editor (local newspaper)
  • Church bulletin announcement
  • Company or association newsletter
B. Share information with DMF Lend A Hand and others

Volunteer Survey  (document)
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(Adobe Acrobat Required)

As the lead volunteer, complete a DMF Lend A Hand follow-up survey and/or share your feedback with others to enhance the success of future fundraising efforts:
  • Share challenges
  • Share successful strategies and tips
  • Share the overall results of your fundraising efforts