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Step 4


A. Review DMF Lend A Hand eligibility criteria for matching funds

DMF Lend A Hand offers match funding and online giving options to support and improve fundraising efforts that meet program eligibility guidelines to include:
  • The recipient is experiencing financial hardship due to care and treatment for a current medical condition. The recipient's medical care has or will result in out-of-pocket expenses that exceed $5,000.
  • The recipient lives in Cass County, ND or Clay County, MN (1 yr minimum).
  • A benefit fund has been established at a bank/credit union for donation management. At least two title signers are listed on the benefit fund account; one representing the recipient/family, and one representing the volunteer committee leading the fundraising effort. (For more information on establishing a benefit fund and determining account signers, refer to Step 2.)
  • The fundraising effort is supported or may be validated by a nonprofit organization located in Cass County, ND or Clay County, MN (church, civic, community, medical, school, or other public charity).
  • A volunteer-led fundraising effort is planned for a future date, allowing time for Lend A Hand to work in partnership to promote the effort. (Past efforts are not eligible for matching funds.)
  • A volunteer committee has been formed and a lead volunteer designated for meeting and communication coordination. The lead volunteer must not be the recipient and/or a member of the recipient's immediate family/household.
B. Submit DMF Lend A Hand Application (if you meet above eligibility criteria)

Dec 2014 Application  (document)
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As the lead volunteer:
  • Complete the application early in your planning process (at least 30 days in advance to scheduled activities).
  • Obtain signatures of fund recipient and the director/clergy of a nonprofit organization.
  • Forward the completed application by the deadline date noted on the application, and at least 30 days prior to scheduled benefit.
C. Application review

Applications are reviewed by a committee on a monthly basis. Every effort will be made to notify the lead volunteers of the status of the application as soon as possible. If a request is approved, Lend A Hand will work in partnership with the lead volunteer to:
  • Build awareness of the fundraising effort, matching funds, and online giving options.
  • Set-up an online giving site specific to the fundraising effort (individual/family benefit fund).