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Step 3


Secure a location, date and timeframe for planned fundraising activities based on what is most likely to draw the most support from community members and friends of the recipient. Review the advantages of a pancake breakfast at a church compared to an event held at a school, community center or local business. Review whether a theme and/or specific activity based on the recipient's interests such as bowling, golf, hockey, cooking, singing or dancing would be advantageous. Review the pros and cons of scheduling a weeknight activity versus a weekend event, and how this may vary based on the time of year. Be sure to research other activities that may help or hinder attendance at your fundraising event.

Consider and begin to request the support of major contributors for food, entertainment and other activities as appropriate.

A. Develop appeal letter

An appeal letter may be used to request resources and monetary support in addition to a promotional flyer. (If the use of a flyer is preferred to request donations, go to Step 6.)

Appeal Letter  (document)
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