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Step 6


Develop and distribute flyers and other promotional items to build awareness of fundraising activities and to request support. A flyer may be used instead of (or along with) an appeal letter to request donations. (Appeal Letter Template is available in Step 3.)

A. Develop a flyer

Flyers may be used as posters or as informational documents distributed per mail, e-mail, or other method to build awareness of fundraising activities.

Flyer Template  (document)
File Size: 36 kb

Flyer Sample  (document)
File Size: 2480.79 kb

Flyers should include:
  • Brief summary of the individual/family experiencing a crisis
  • Detail about fundraising activities (type of event, date, time, location)
  • Information regarding where to send monetary donations
  • Information regarding online donation options
  • Information regarding sponsorship and/or match grants
  • Contact information for lead volunteers
A donation documentation form may be used in coordination with the flyer.

Donation Documentation Form  (document)
File Size: 37.5 kb

A separate form may be attached to the appeal letter and/or flyer for the contributor to document information about the donation (person or organization donating the item, value and description of item, date it was received, etc.)

B. Develop contact lists for flyer distribution

Fundraiser Contact Listing  (document)
File Size: 18.5 kb

(Adobe Acrobat Required)

The Affiliation Worksheet (Step 1) may be used and expanded to serve as the contact list for flyer/promotional item distribution. An additional contact worksheet option is also provided above.

C. Distribute flyers

Divide contact lists or "pool resources" to coordinate the distribution of flyers by mail, email, and/or personal delivery at least 2 weeks prior scheduled activities.

D. Acknowledge and record donations

Donations to a fund established for an individual/family are generally not considered by the IRS to be tax-deductible gifts, so it is not necessary to send a receipt to the donor. However, it is always advisable to send a thank you letter on behalf of the volunteer committee to any business that contributed a silent auction item or other gift of value.

Donation and Silent Auction Tracking Form  (document)
File Size: 27.5 kb

Donation Acknowledgement Template  (document)
File Size: 26.5 kb

E. Develop and distribute a press release

A press release may be developed to further expand public awareness through printed and/or broadcast media sources.

Press Release Template  (document)
File Size: 35.5 kb

The release should include:
  • Release date (for immediate release, or for release Oct. 2-10, 2010)
  • Contact information for lead volunteer (or other individual as appropriate)
  • Headline (for example; Spaghetti Benefit for John Doe Family)
  • Information (brief summary) regarding individual/family in crisis
  • Detail about the fundraising effort/event (when, where, and why)
  • How to contribute online and/or by cash/check to help the family
  • Information regarding sponsors and matching fund options
  • Information regarding interview or other promotional opportunities
The press release may be mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to local newspaper, radio, and/or television stations at any time prior to the event. It may be advantageous to attach a copy of the event flyer as well.

Media Listing Cass and Clay Counties  (document)
File Size: 47 kb