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Step 8


A. Deposit donations

Deposit fundraising proceeds into the individual/family benefit fund at the bank.

B. Pay any remaining expenses

Coordinate payment and/or reimbursement of remaining expenses and update the budget spreadsheet (Step 1) to determine fundraising proceeds.

C. Distribute funding

Title holder(s) of the benefit fund should work with the recipient, the lead volunteer, and other individuals (family members, eligibility case workers, employers, benefit consultants) as necessary to determine the "optimal" method of fund utilization/distribution:
  • Review how the funding may affect the beneficiary's eligibility for assistance under Medicaid or other programs.
  • Review and determine an estimated length of time to keep the benefit fund active, utilizing the account title signers to oversee management of funds.
  • Review the pros and cons of having the account title holder(s) make payments directly to providers on behalf of the recipient verses the immediate transfer of funds to the recipient's personal account.
The management and distribution of fundraising proceeds will vary based on the unique medical and financial situation of the recipient.

It is recommended that the individual/family benefit fund at the bank remain open as long as there are future donations and/or match funds anticipated to this account.