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Step 9


A. Report donations and/or other information as necessary to acquire match funding

If DMF Lend A Hand has approved match funding for your fundraising effort, you will need to show documented proof that donations were made and deposited into the benefit fund at the bank/credit union. This information may be shared at any time in follow-up to a fundraising event/activity; a suggested guideline would be 2 weeks past the date of a benefit event/major fundraising activity to allow more opportunity for additional contributions to be made.

A bank statement would be accepted as documented proof of donations as long as it includes the following information printed (or stamped) on the document:
  • Name and address of the bank
  • Name of the benefit fund
  • Amounts deposited (and withdrawn) by date for this benefit fund
The itemized deposit statement should represent the following timeframe at a minimum; the notification date that Lend A Hand approved the matching funds (printed on the approval letter sent to the lead volunteer) through a date at least one week past the fundraising event.

Upon receipt of the bank statement, the Lend A Hand online giving site for this individual/family fund will be closed. In follow-up, Lend A Hand/DMF staff will complete paperwork as necessary to secure a check for matching funds and online donations. This process may take up to two weeks to finalize.

NOTE: Do NOT close the bank benefit fund for the individual/family! The DMF Lend A Hand check will be made payable to the individual/family benefit fund at the bank/credit union.

Bank Statement Example  (document)
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B. DMF Lend A Hand check presentation

The lead volunteer of the fundraising effort will be contacted by the Lend A Hand program director when the check is ready. The check will be made payable to the individual/family benefit fund at the bank/credit union. The lead volunteer will be asked to coordinate a day, time, and location for the check to be presented to the individual/family recipient. The lead volunteer is requested to be present when the check is presented to the recipient/family. Other volunteers and/or family members may be included at the time the check is presented. A picture may/may not be taken based on personal preference.

The check may be presented at: Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), the bank holding the individual/family benefit fund, the home of the family, the volunteers' meeting spot, the place where fundraising activities were held, a worksite or other location determined by the family.

C. Deposit matching funds/additional donations

Deposit the DMF Lend A Hand check into the benefit fund at the bank.

NOTE: The Lend A Hand online giving fund for the individual/family will be deactivated in coordination with the check presentation. No further gifts will be processed by Lend A Hand for this fund after the check is presented. However the bank benefit fund may remain open and active as long as the family and/or title signers determine is most effective.

D. Update the budget spreadsheet with final expense and donation totals

An example of a Budget Worksheet is included at the end of Step 1.

E. Distribute/utilize funds

The title holder(s) of the benefit fund should work with the recipient, lead volunteer, and other individuals (family members, eligibility case workers, employers, benefit consultants) as necessary to determine the "optimal" method of fund distribution/utilization:
  • Review how the funding may affect the beneficiary's eligibility for assistance under Medicaid or other programs.
  • Review how long you plan to keep the benefit fund open for the individual/family.
  • Review whether a lump sum distribution/transfer of funds may be more or less beneficial compared to incremental fund distribution over a period of time. For example, what are the pros and cons of having title holder(s) make payments directly to providers (medical provider, insurance company) on behalf of the recipient for a designated time period, verses the immediate transfer of all/some of the funds to the recipient's general checking and/or savings account?
Distribute funds to the individual/family beneficiary as is most effective based on their unique medical and financial situation.

F. Close the benefit fund when funds are depleted or transferred to another account