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Volunteer Tips

Leaders of prior fundraising efforts offer tips and strategies to help you…help others.

AubreyArechigo benefit
Volunteer Participation

Every person that works on a benefit brings something new to the table. Be open to ideas, but agree as a group what the goal is. Do not try to do too much or you may lose some of your volunteers. (Melissa Seitz/Rusty Ouart Benefit, 2010)

We had a large group of people with different organizational skills and philosophies. It helped to have a designated leader to oversee all communication with volunteers and Lend A Hand, and to oversee that all jobs were completed. (Lisa Seljevold/Sandie McMaines Benefit, 2009)

Don't be afraid to ask for help, there will be a lot of it if you ask. (Adam Jenstead/William Haspel Benefit, 2010)

I encourage the lead volunteer to surround themselves with others who have the same goal in mind, whose heart is with the benefit. (Amy Vilhauer/Mindy Willert Benefit, 2010)

Rob Hasse benefit
Planning Tips

The online toolkit should be named ‘Benefit Planning 101' because it walked us through every step of the process and provided essential resources along the way. (Nancy Wilson/Valorie Steichen Benefit, 2009)

Try to personally call on businesses at least one month prior to your event. Ask for the manager and give them a flyer. Although some businesses will give on the spot, many require a 3-4 week notice to process donation requests. (Ruth Ruch/Mark Berglund Benefit, 2011)

Strive to have 6-10 key volunteers on the main planning team that meet consistently. Delegate responsibilities and expand volunteers based on task areas. (Melissa Seitz/Tim Seitz Benefit and Rusty Ouart Benefit, 2010, 2011)

Give yourself enough time to plan and take advantage of all the help offered. (Brenda Lusty/Harley Smith benefit, 2012)

Lori Luthi benefit
Food Preparation/Leftovers

The extra food was given to the families of the volunteers and to a local shelter. (Kellie Cossette/Janell's Hope Benefit, 2009)

We put the remaining pulled pork and buns in bags and sold them for $5-$10. (Kari Lea Peterson/Merle Johnson Benefit, 2009)

All of our food was provided through donations, we had enough food to serve 300 people. This included 5 cases of spaghetti noodles, 3 large containers of spaghetti sauce, 300 salads and 300 breadsticks. (Amanda Johnson/Maria Bauerle Benefit, 2010)

We planned a pancake breakfast for 400 and had to buy more food during the event because of the great turnout. (Jenny Browning/Melanie Arnold Benefit, 2009)

We planned meat, buns, baked beans, potato chips and bars for up to 600 people and had very little food remaining at the end of the night so we offered it to the volunteers serving on the clean-up committee. (Tamie Madocks/Sandy Dunn Benefit, 2010)

We donated all leftover packaged items to ‘Fill the Dome' and donated all the cooked items to the school lunch program. (Jeanine Bitzen/Roberta Johnson and Stacia Erdmann Benefit, 2009)

Stick it to Cancer
Silent Auction & Entertainment

We struggled to get auction items delivered in time for the event, as well as to the top bidder after the event. It took more time and people than anticipated. But people were kind and pleased that they had the chance to help a deserving family. (Harry Smith/Caleb Warren Benefit, 2010)

We ended up with over 50 baskets, which really helped raise the money needed to take advantage of the full match from Lend A Hand. (Kari Lea Peterson/Merle Johnson Benefit, 2010)

People brought items to donate when they came to the benefit. We were glad that we had some blank auction sheets available so we could add these items to the auction.
(Jackie Ness/Caleigh Jordahl Damm Benefit, 2011)

We attached a number to each silent auction item and entered information about all items (numerically) onto a spreadsheet to help us keep track of all items.
(Donna Sinner/Mike Grund Benefit, 2012)

We wish we would have required a minimum bid for each silent auction item.
(Michelle Angus/Laurie Samuelson Schmoll, 2012)

Keith Hanson benefit
Lend A Hand Program Feedback

Lend A Hand resources are very helpful and amazingly complete. I am not sure I would have been able to tackle such a big fundraising effort without the ‘all in one' toolkit resource. (Diane Hauglid/Kristi & Ryan Fabre Benefit, 2011)

The fundraising toolkit made planning and marketing so much easier. The matching funds were awesome! (Loretta Swanson/Donna Jemtrud Benefit, 2010)

Lend A Hand staff and resources were extremely helpful - toolkit documents, flyer distribution, media resources, online donation capabilities, tips, and encouragement - I am at a loss for all the help offered - you're like family now! (Elizabeth Rise/Melissa Berg Benefit, 2011)

I appreciate all the advice and encouragement I received from Lend A Hand. Overall, the experience was one I will never forget - hard work is worth it when the good accomplished helps someone you love! (Misty Fry/Melissa Hansen Benefit, 2011)

This program is a gem and a great asset in our community. I know having the match funding increased giving. Who isn't excited to have their contributions double?
(Gerri Leach/Bruce Smith Benefit, 2012)