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Leverage Strategies
DMF Giving Hearts Day (GHD)

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Giving Hearts Day is an innovative, online fundraising program made possible through a partnership between Impact Foundation, Dakota Medical Foundation, nonprofits trained through the Impact Institute and other community donors.

On Giving Hearts Day, all donations of $10 or more made to select nonprofit organizations online at www.impactgiveback.org are matched (up to $4,000) by DMF and other community donors. This 24 hour fundraising event reinforces the Institute's High Impact Fundraising Training by giving nonprofits an opportunity to use the concepts they learned to raise awareness about their organizations, identify new donors, and secure more money for their missions.

The inaugural year for Giving Hearts Day was 2008 when 1,452 online donations were made totaling over $325,000 on www.impactgiveback.org. DMF's match funding and incentive grant funds provided an additional $165,000 for a total of $490,000. In 2009, Giving Hearts Day more than doubled - 3,350 online donations totaling $701,000 were made during the 24 hour event. New records were set in 2010 when 5,350 online donations totaling $882,000 were made and DMF awarded an additional $285,000 in matching and incentive funds so that in all, more than $1.1 million was distributed to participating charities. In 2011, more than 7,000 online donations were made totaling over $1,165,000 on Giving Hearts Day. In addition, DMF and other community donors provided $390,000 in match and incentive funding for a total of $1,555,000 going to our nonprofit partners!