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Leverage Strategies
2012 DMF GHD

On February 14, 2012, DMF and Impact Foundation hosted our 5th annual Giving Hearts Day.

Top seven fundraisers:
1. FirstChoice Clinic- $145,988
2. Oak Grove Lutheran School- $145,456
3. RiverView Foundation- $86,053
4. YWCA Cass Clay- $80,987
5. TNT Kid's Fitness- $70,680
6. Fraser, Ltd.- $53,976
7. North Dakota Autism Center- $53,281

Fundraising event results:
Total number of donations: 10,850
Total dollars raised through website: $1,634,620
Total match and incentive funding: $504,207
Dollars to all participants: $2,138,827
Average donation amount: $151

Thank you for "giving from your heart"!

Each year, there's a competitive application process for nonprofits to participate in Giving Hearts Day because of DMF's budget limitations. Due to the limited amount of funding available, not all organizations that met the defined criteria were invited to participate. In previous years, participation was limited to health-related nonprofits. This year, DMF and Impact invited select non-health related nonprofits to participate by raising their own match funding from an external funding source(s) prior to Giving Hearts Day. Our goal is to eventually be able to invite all nonprofits that meet the defined criteria to participate.

In 2012, nonprofits were selected to participate based upon the following criteria:
  1. Organization must be a High Impact Nonprofit (see www.impactgiveback.org keyword - Impact Nonprofit):
    • The nonprofit organization has a strategic and/or operating plan(s).
    • The strategic and/or operating plan(s) include measures and achievements that are reviewed by the Board of Directors at least annually.
    • The Executive Director's performance is reviewed annually.
    • The organizational budget is approved by the Board of Directors annually.
    • An independent financial audit is performed yearly and is available for public inspection, or an independent financial audit is not performed yearly, but financials are reviewed by the board regularly.
  2. Organization must have a significant local presence (i.e., physical office); active programming within North Dakota or western Minnesota, local governing control, and attest that 100% of the money raised will be used locally.
  3. Organization must have at least one full-time paid staff position.
  4. Organization must be an IRS tax-exempt organization.
  5. Organization must have actively participated in Impact Institute High Impact Fundraising training (4-day training program).
  6. Organization must have a current one-year premium membership on www.impactgiveback.org.
  7. If a previous participant in Giving Hearts Day, the nonprofit must have raised a minimum of $2,500.
  8. Organizations must be invited to complete a brief Giving Hearts Day application and submit the application by the deadline, with the Board of Directors of each organization confirming to DMF and Impact that their organization is operated in an ethical, sound and efficient manner.
For Giving Hearts Day, DMF provides matching funds to a limited number of health-related nonprofits. Availability of matching funds is based on annual budget limitations. Participants not receiving DMF matching funds are required to secure a $4,000 match from an external funding source(s). Organizations that are required to raise their own match will need to provide DMF and Impact Foundation with a letter from their board chair confirming that a match has been secured.

Each year, the Foundations expand participation in Giving Hearts Day. Successfully adding more organizations requires a significant amount of communication, education, and individual technical assistance. Accordingly, not all eligible organizations can be included in this 24 hour online fundraising event.