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Leverage Strategies
High Impact Philanthropy

Billions of dollars are expended annually by local, state, and federal governments but most societal problems continue to grow. Charitable giving in the U.S. has increased by over 255% in the last 25 years but the U.S. has declined in nearly every basic measure of health, education and economic opportunity. In the U.S. alone about $300 billion is invested in the nonprofit sector annually and yet significant improvement has not occurred because the sector has been unable to generate large scale change. A new approach to philanthropy is needed now more than ever.

With support from the Otto Bremer, Bush, and Dakota Medical Foundations, Impact launched the High Impact Philanthropy (HIP) Initiative in the spring of 2009. Impact partnered with Mark Kramer, Founder and Managing Director of FSG, author of several influential articles and one of the leading experts in the field of philanthropy, to facilitate the HIP initiative. The goal of HIP is to inspire funders to adopt a new approach to more strategically and collaboratively solve societal issues in the region. The HIP steering committee is comprised of foundation, corporate, and individual donors that invest roughly $75 million annually to support various charitable endeavors in the region.

The Funder Steering Committee has selected "Youth Wellness" in Cass and Clay Counties as the focus of their initial work. Plans are to hold a youth development summit as well as convene small group meetings for youth, the steering committee, and other stakeholders with the goal of developing and implementing a community-wide strategy for positively impacting the development of youth assets in the region - helping all children in our area to reach their fullest potential.